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As a company, we strive to promote local talent, help small businesses, and create a sustainable environment for both the buyer and the sellers.

DCraftisco (an ARH Venturres undertaking) is an amazing place for all things art, craft, handicrafts, return gifts, knick-knacks, people making unique and creative goods. It’s a platform created for people with a creative bend, to enable them to sell their goods and connect with a larger buyer audience.

We have built a platform to create a single point contact for buyers and sellers , where each can find something to buy and sell.

This way we intend to help our community of sellers/artists turn their hobbies or small ventures into successful businesses. Our platform connects them with millions of buyers looking for that something special which are handmade or something which they can personalize, for those moments which they want to give a memorable gift..

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 Buy from the gamut of unique, handmade, beautiful items. Surprise your loved ones with something customized, or adorn your house with handcrafted pieces, or decorate your kids rooms with beautiful knick knacks. You will find it all here.

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Grow your business with DCraftisco. Have a hobby? Convert it into a successful venture.

Get in touch with millions of customers through our platform.

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