And then there were lights!! Tea Lights!!!

What’s in a name you say? It’s all in the name. Tea Lights, the small round tiny container with wax and a wick. Well it did a little more than being a small container of wax. Tea Light derives it’s name from it’s usage. It was primarily used to warm tea pots , and yes fondue.

It was a quirky old discovery. How to keep the food warm without the messy dripping of wax? So tealights make a great alternative. It is a small metal container usually aluminum/tin, with a wick fixed at the bottom so that it does not float.

Tea lights have come a long way, from their initial use.

Tea lights (Candles) have come a long way since their initial use. While they are no longer used as a major source of light, they continue to grow in popularity and use. Today, candles serve to symbolize a celebration, ignite romance, soothe the senses, honor a ceremony, and accent home decors — casting a warm and lovely glow for all to enjoy.

And with the amazing local talent that we have, we have incorporated our sensibilities and our deep rooted culture to create beautiful tealight holders. Come Diwali, and you shall find beautiful homes lit with beautiful tea lights.

Tea lights have also become a great source of income. Homemakers, hobbyists, small businesses . Come Diwali and the festivals beautiful tea lights and holders are out for display .

We at encourage all things local. every product is sourced from local businesses

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