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You make amazing products , and want to sell online . You run your business from home.

Why Worry?

You can still sell on D’Craftisco.

Sell to the millions of buyers who are waiting to buy from you.

No Website creation

No Hassles

Just List

And start to earn

Have a Look At Our Amazing Independent Sellers

See how they list their amazing products.

If You -

Make handmade or customized products.

Are an artist, or a skilled artisan.

Have amazing craft skills and create beautiful products.

Work from your home / workshop.

Then D’Craftisco is the right place for you.

D’Craftisco offers a unique platform for you to list your products and sell online.

How It Works?

You list your amazing products on D’Craftisco.

Customers see your awesome products.

They initiate a chat with you to know more about your products and customizations.

They buy directly from you by paying you directly.

It’s that simple.

You can opt for shipping support from D’Craftisco. All you need to do is purchase the shipping – enter your pickup and drop address and pay . We take care of the rest.

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Access to the millions of online shoppers.

Direct chat

Chat directly with the customers with our LIVE CHAT option

No Commission

No commission to be paid.Customers buy directly from you.

Shipping support

Sell directly to customers and we help you with the shipping.

Our Charges

There are no limitations on the number of products you can list on our site.

More the products greater the visibility and more the people  buy from you.

What you get @ ₹99/month :

30 Days Free Listing. No Charge
  • Unlimited Product Listing.
  • 0% Commission
  • LIVE CHAT with customers.
  • Direct payment from customers to you.
  • Your Product/s featured on our Instagram and Facebook Handle.
  • Access to millions of online customer base.
  • When you list on D’Craftisco we offer dedicated support services tracking orders and an open helpline through mail/voice calls.
  • A Verified badge so customers can trust and buy from you (subjected to complete verification)


Why the charge you say?

Well its for all the hard-work we do for you.

We advertise , so that lots and lots of people can check out your amazing products and buy from you.

We add new features so that buyers can interact and purchase in a safe environment.

We maintain the site, so that you can have a great experience uploading and listing products.

We feature products on our Insta handles, so that people can appreciate the art and the artists.

All of this Just For You.

Sell Direct Option

We have a Sell Direct Option for you. If you wish to sell your products instantly instead of initiating the chat, you can do so. The main benefit would be faster sale. For eg: you have a product listed- customers can chat and buy from you. In Sell Direct option-customers buy your products and pay through D’Craftisco payment gateway , and we settle your money to you immediately after delivery.

In this way your sales are quicker and products fly off your shelf faster.

We charge a nominal commission of 5% on the sale. But why worry -You get back your product price, your hard earned money, without deductions.

Check Our Price Calculator to calculate how it works

To opt for Sell Direct Option email us for more details [email protected]


We also offer our delivery services if you wish to opt for. Let us take your worries away about delivering your products to the customers. Just pack it and we shall do the rest.


Drive traffic to your Instagram handle or webpage or facebook page.

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Online Presence

Being on an online platform gives you visibility. People come to know about your work, they can chat with you and buy from you


Direct Selling

Our one of a kind direct selling approach gives buyers and sellers the opportunity to connect with each other.


Most frequent questions and answers

You purchase our subscription.

You start listing your products. Customers see your products , they contact you on your whatsapp. They buy from you by paying you directly.

Eg. Seller Sheela-Has 3 products, P1, P2,P3

Customer Arti loves the product P2.

Arti contacts Sheela on whatsapp 981*******

Arti: Hi, I would like to buy P2

Sheela: Sure, the cost is Rs 200 and shipping 100, total Rs 300

Arti: ok, how do I pay

Sheela: This is my paytm/gpay number 981*******

Arti: Payment done

Sheela : Thanks , please share your address for delivery. Thank you for shopping with us

This way, customer gets directly connected to you and you sell directly to them.

Sales are customer specific. They like your products when they are amazing , cost effective and they repeat order when they get prompt delivery and services.

Like all businesses , time and patience is the key.

Hey ! Rome was not built in a day. 

Customers will definitely see your products. So get those lenses out and click some amazing pics,make it attractive and appealing for them , that they cannot resist from buying your amazing products.

Though GSTIN is a must to sell on an online platform, GST is not a mandatory requirement to sell on DCraftisco.

But we recommend you take a GST if you are serious about your business and to see it grow.

We do not charge commission.

We offer subscription services at a very nominal charge..

When you take the subscription you have 2 options. Customers can chat with you for your products and pay you directly.

The other option Sell Direct Option, you can opt for direct selling. In this option customers can purchase your product quickly , your money is settled directly in your wallet. For Independent sellers DCraftisco charges a 5% commission on the sale. Check Price Calculator

Customers pay you directly on your UPI/bank ID. Not us. So you earn directly

If you opt for the Sell Direct Option , customers buy your product, they pay through DCraftisco Payment Channel. Our payment channel is integrated with a 3rd party payment gateway like .

Your money will be visible on your DCraftisco Wallet immediately.

DCraftisco settles your payments once the delivery is completed and on per order.

Sure you can. When you cancel your subscription, you need to cancel before the next billing cycle starts. If you do not , and money if deducted shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

When you cancel the plan, your account shall be deactivated and all the products listed shall be archived and removed from visibility.


Sure you can. When you cancel your subscription, you need to cancel before the next billing cycle starts. If you do not , and money if deducted shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

But do you think a month is enough for any business to grow? Think about all the online customers, who would miss seeing your products.

Like everything else, every business takes time and patience.

When you cancel the plan, your account shall be deactivated and all the products listed shall be archived and removed from visibility.

Price is what you are selling to the customer. Price should be competitive so customers can find it attractive.

If you opt for the Sell Direct Option ,DCraftisco charges a 5% commission on the sale. Kindly check your listing price on DCraftisco :

But again do not undersell your products. If you think you products are of good quality and they deserve the price quoted, then sell at the price you define.

You can sell  art, craft, hand-made items, personalized gifts, return gifts, handicrafts, kids gift items, craft/diy supplies , jewellery, clothing, home decor, home furnishing, handbags, spiritual products,soaps. more. If you are a hobbyist, you can turn your hobby into a full time business with Craftisco.

You can also sell live courses like art and craft classes, dance , music classes via zoom/webex. You can also sell recorded workshops by  serving the files from your very own site, then you can click on choose file and select. You can also serve the file from
Dropbox, Google Drive or some other file hosting site you like.

Disclaimer**We don not encourage or allow to sell any kind of sexually explicit material, illegal or prohibited items.. Such products/content and their sellers shall be permanently banned from Craftisco and reported.

Customers directly connect with you on whatsapp for purchase.

If you opt for the Sell Direct Option ,We send you an immediate email as well as a sms/whats app for any order received by you. The order details are also available and visible on your vendor dashboard.

Yes , you can resell products on our site. Non GST resellers are verified before they can list their products.You have to register as a reseller.


You can sell live course via zoom/webex. You can also sell recorded workshops by  serving the files from your very own site, then you can click on choose file and select. You can also serve the file from Dropbox, Google Drive or some other file hosting site you like.

Workshops can be advertised on DCraftisco for a nominal fees, and it is valid upto 1 month. The workshops should be advertised minimum of  10-15 days in advance and max of 1 month in advance.

For Independent sellers We have subscription packages should you wish to choose from , where we render dedicated support services.

You pack your products and send it through the courier service. Once the package is couriered, you need to share the tracking number/AWB number on the with the buyer, so the buyer can track the package.You can also send the AWB/Tracking number to DCraftisco.

You can also choose our delivery services.

Yes you can advertise your shop. We charge a nominal fee and the advertisement is valid upto 3 months.

For items that are custom made, the making time/dispatch by date should be mentioned i.e. in how many days the product will be dispatched. If you are listing your products on DCraftisco, you agree to the term that the products are available and would be delivered to the customers in timely manner after a purchase has been made. Failure to deliver would be a gross violation of trust and the terms and the seller will be blacklisted on DCraftisco and immediately removed, without any future business associations.

Are you a GST registered business ? Sell quickly through our platform.

DCraftisco promotes local and small businesses. Even though GST is non mandatory for listing on DCraftisco (for homebased business) we always recommend all vendors to get their GST.


Benefits of registering under GST

As a small business owner, you can find many advantages of GST registration. The benefits are easy to reap in the long run.
  1. The GSTIN is basically a symbol of validity. It helps to give you identity for your clients, e-commerce platforms, government tenders, banks and financial institutions, MNCs, and more.
  2. Customers automatically trust and prefer buying directly through the e-commerce platform where the registered vendor sells goods.
  3. The sales tax paid to the Government can come down. You only need to pay for the added value done by your business.
  4. As per GST council guidelines, only one return to be filed under GST. Hence there is fewer compliance you need to follow to claim services tax GST.
  5. GST has explicit provisions on the inter-state movement of goods for e-commerce brands.
  6. Composition Scheme, a simple and easy scheme for small taxpayers. The scheme comes under GST for taxpayers. It reduces tedious GST formalities and pays GST at a fixed rate of turnover. It is ideal for any taxpayer whose turnover exceeds is less than a crore.

How to register your small business with GST?

Registration for GST is a straightforward and easy process. With the GST portal, you can easily apply for GST registration. Several firms provide professional services for online registering your business with GST.

Imprezz solutions offer a wide range of services compliant with GST. We have multiple features that create a secure work environment for your business. From GST invoices or filing the returns, we offer assistance at every step.

Essential documents required for GST registration

To register for GST, the following documents are required:

  • Company PAN Card
  • Photographs (passport size)
  • Identity proofs like Aadhar Card/Passport/Driving Licence
  • Proof of address for your offices
  • Bank details via a statement/cancelled cheque or passbook
  • Certificate of association for Private Ltd Company or LLP/ OPC
  • Partnership deed for partnership firms

How to file GST returns?

In India, for every business, there are a total of 37 returns to be filed every year. It includes three returns per month and one annual return.

Note:- It is only applicable if your business is covered only in one state.

But if your business is operating in multiple states, then the total number of returns filed is more. Nowadays, online and digital format is accessible to finish all the work. Nowadays firms no longer entertain paper ledger books and account books.

Imprezz software offers an easy and quick solution for its clients. Our GST Export tool assists you in exporting a GST income file, which saves a lot of time. It helps to file your GST returns effectively and on time without any delays.

What are the consequences in case your business evades GST laws?

If your business comes under recommended guidelines of Goods and Services Tax, then applying for GST registration is essential. If you don’t follow the prescribed rules and regulations, then your business is liable to pay fine.

In some cases, you might lose your business. The reason behind it is, that various vendors, suppliers, and customers with whom you are working have to register under GST. Hence, if you are not paying taxes, then others who are working with you, will pay additional charges on your behalf. This type of work management doesn’t last for a long time.

Therefore if you are a self-employed person or have a startup business owner GST registration is a must. Even though if your annual income is less than Rs 20 lakh, it’s better to get yourself registered.

Note:- Through GST, the Government of India rates your business. The buyers and sellers of your business are well informed about the rankings.

Under Compliance Rating Score (CRS) in GST rules, the Government ranks your business as per your GST tax-paying habits. Depending on the ratings, your business can suffer badly.

-‘Excerpts from Imprezz’