How to Return or Exchange

Return and refund of an order depends on the shop’s policies or as mentioned by the vendors. If you’re unhappy with an order, you may be able to return or exchange depending on the store policies. To create a request of return/exchange:

  1. Sign in to your account on DCraftisco.
  2. Click or tap My Orders
  3. Click Support next to the order you want to raise a ticket.
  4. A window appears which displays the order info and the seller details and a text area where you can submit your query/grievance/return request.
  5. Click Submit.The seller will be notified of the new message and can respond
  6. Your support tickets will be displayed under the Support Tickets Menu.
  7. Responses by the sellers will appear under the Support Tickets Menu for the respective tickets raised.

Sellers aren’t required to accept a return or exchange unless stated in their store policies. On the product page, click on the Shipping Tab or on the Store Policies to check the seller return policies. If the seller is willing to accept this return, be sure to settle on these details in a communication before returning the item:

  • Location you should send it
  • The time frame within which they wish shall receive it
  • Who will be responsible for the cost of return shipping, (if not clearly mentioned in the shop’s policies)
  • Also after shipping the product mention the tracking details so the seller is aware of the same.
  • Keep a track of the shipped/return product.

What are store policies?

Each seller on DCraftisco have  their own policies regarding refunds, exchanges, and returns. Policies vary from seller to seller.

Before purchasing, kindly go through the Store Policies, Shipping policy. You can find these on the product page of the product of your interest. You will also find the same under the vendor Info (when you click on the Vendor name)

Specific questions about a shop’s policies are best answered by the seller. Check out the store page with any questions about their policies.

What should I do if the seller doesn’t accept returns?

If the seller doesn’t accept returns, you may be able to raise a support ticket with DCraftisco. You can contact us by filling the form. Kindly mention the order number, issue and reason for return/exchange. Exchange/return/refund shall be considered on case to case basis