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  1. Selling On DCraftisco gives you an online exposure to your business.
  2. It helps in connecting with local as well as international customers.
  3. You can promote your business by linking DCraftisco account to your facebook or Instagram accounts.
  4. You don’t need to create a separate website to start selling online.
  5. Gives a boost to local and homegrown products.
  6. You can start earning immediately.

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Most frequent questions and answers

You can check out our tool –Calculate Product Price for proper pricing of your product on our site. This tool incorporates our commission and our delivery charges (if you wish to avail the service)

Though GSTIN is a must to sell on an online platform, GST is not a mandatory requirement to sell on DCraftisco.

You can sell  art, craft, hand-made items, personalized gifts, return gifts, handicrafts, kids gift items, craft/diy supplies , jewellery, clothing, home decor, home furnishing, handbags, spiritual products,soaps. more. If you are a hobbyist, you can turn your hobby into a full time business with Craftisco.

You can also sell live courses like art and craft classes, dance , music classes via zoom/webex. You can also sell recorded workshops by  serving the files from your very own site, then you can click on choose file and select. You can also serve the file from
Dropbox, Google Drive or some other file hosting site you like.

Disclaimer**We don not encourage or allow to sell any kind of sexually explicit material, illegal or prohibited items.. Such products/content and their sellers shall be permanently banned from Craftisco and reported.

We have cater to various types of sellers on our platform. GST registered seller can check our price calculator on how to price your product  including our commission.

For non GST sellers we offer subscription services at a very nominal charge.

We send you an immediate email as well as a sms/whats app for any order received by you. The order details are also available and visible on your vendor dashboard.

For Independent sellers customers can directly chat with you and order directly from you.

Yes , you can resell products on our site. Non GST resellers are verified before they can list their products.


You can sell live course via zoom/webex. You can also sell recorded workshops by  serving the files from your very own site, then you can click on choose file and select. You can also serve the file from Dropbox, Google Drive or some other file hosting site you like.

Workshops can be advertised on DCraftisco for a nominal fees, and it is valid upto 1 month. The workshops should be advertised minimum of  10-15 days in advance and max of 1 month in advance.

We accept all major credit card, and online payment from customers through a secured payment gateway. Funds would be automatically disbursed to your bank account on the next scheduled settlement date.

Generally, DCraftisco first settles your account within 2-3 days days after your first payment transaction completes. Accounts are settled every 3rd day.

For a settlement to take place, you must:

A product status as delivered and accepted by customers. Fees, customer refunds and Reserve, if any, can affect your balance.

Have entered all valid information in your  Seller account details for your Indian based bank account.

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days from the time we settle to reflect to your account based on your banking hours and process.

DCraftisco has a facility called as DCraftisco Wallet- where you can see your money/sales gets reflected. You can request for withdrawal anytime you wish.

We have a nominal commission rate  when you make a sale. It is deducted once the sale is made. Please check the product cost calculator with Craftisco commission. Hence you need to price your products to factor in the commission and any other transaction fees that are levied.

We also have subscription packages should you wish to choose from , where we render dedicated support services. See Membership Plans

You pack your products and send it through the courier service. Once the package is couriered, you need to share the tracking number/AWB number on the DCraftisco site against the product bought by the buyer, so the buyer can track the package. The system generates a packing slip which you can print and attach to the package. The packing slip contains the order details, customer address etc.

You can also choose our delivery. To Choose our delivery kindly calculate the product cost here.

Yes you can advertise your shop. We charge a nominal fee and the advertisement is valid upto 3 months.

For items that are custom made, the making time/dispatch by date should be mentioned i.e. in how many days the product will be dispatched. If you are selling your wares on DCraftisco, you agree to the term that the products are available and would be delivered to the customers in timely manner after a purchase has been made. Failure to deliver would be a gross violation of trust and the terms and the seller will be blacklisted on DCraftisco and immediately removed, without any future business associations.

To add/update tracking details login to your account and go to your Orders menu. Click the relevant order and add the shipment details i.e the link of the shipping partner for eg and the tracking/AWB number to your order notes and mark it to the Customer.

The shipping partner link and the tracking number should be accurate.

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