Start Your Store

Step 1

Seller Verification

Seller Verification is of the utmost necessary step to start selling with Craftisco. Here the seller shall upload 3 documents 1. Identification proof (Aadhar/Pan card) 2. Address Proof (Aadhar card/Electricity bill)

Seller Verification

Mandatory (Unless the seller uploads the documents they wont be enabled to sell product)
Start Verification

Step 2

Store Details

Sellers shall update your payment information below. If you have a paypal account add you email id. If you have a bank account , kindly add your bank account details.

Payment Details

Add Payment Details

Step 3

Set Your Shipping

The seller can add shipping settings,costs,enable/disable shipping for product, shipping and refund policy,you can override these shipping costs while creating or editing a product.You can add rates across all zone or you can also it set zone wise .

Set Your Shipping

SET Shipping

Step 4

ADD your Social Profile

Social profiles help you to gain more trust. Consider adding your social profile links for better user interaction.

Add Social Profile

Add Social Profile

step 5

store SEO

Your store SEO can help you to increase your store traffic. You can set your SEO title, meta description, meta keywords, Facebook title, description, image, Twitter title, description and image.

Store SEO

add Store SEo

Step 6

Complete Store Information

For better contact between vendor and customer store settings has contact information insert form combined of phone number, email address, physical location information, biography and location map.

Complete Store Information

Store Settings

How To

Take Good Pictures With Your Mobile Device (external link)

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